Sound Level Measuring using smartphones? Think twice

Sound Level Measuring using smartphones
Ever imagined Sound Level Measuring using smartphones? Mobiles have evolved into computing machines with extraordinary capabilities. They have cameras, microphones, gyroscopes, proximity sensors, accelerometers, light sensors and GPS receivers. The advancement of these handheld devices has evolved into them being...
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How to measure noise in workplace

Industrial noise
We will see how to measure noise in workplace by using noise level meter to know whether employees are exposed to high noise levels and if any equipments are generating harmful noise levels. What is Noise? Noise is a Sound,...
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How to Reduce Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution
We can Reduce Noise pollution by turning off appliances when not in use, use of earplugs, lowering the volume, planting more trees, regular maintenance of vehicles and machines etc. By controlling noise we can control negative health effects that noise...
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Noise Impact Assessment

Noise Level Monitoring
Noise is often defined as it is the sound which is undesired by recipient. Noise Impact assessment is important part of Environmental impact assessment. The main objective of Noise impact assessment is to measure current noise quality assessment of study...
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