Air Quality Monitoring & Testing

Air quality monitoring & Air Pollution Monitoring is process of sampling and testing of air Emissions. It helps to understand quality of air by pollutants and over the period of time. It also gives trends and patterns about air quality whether it is improving or degrading.

Air Quality Monitoring Services

Perfect Pollucon Services is a Company which has experience and expertise in air quality monitoring services to plan and execute Ambient and Indoor air quality monitoring services.

Our Company take care of air quality monitoring for small businesses to giant multinational corporations. Parameters monitored are range from simple air quality parameters to complex VOCs and RSPMs.

Steps involved in Air quality monitoring services followed by Our Company:

  • Collecting air samples from site
  • Battery operated instruments for real time measurements of temperature, Humidity, Wind direction, Wind speed, PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, NOx, etc.
  • Monitoring human exposure to harmful pollutants
  • Detection & measurement of harmful gases in air from collected sample
  • Provide solutions to further improve Air quality in Companies

Air Pollution Testing

Perfect Pollucon Services Offers Services in Air Pollution Testing for Companies from Various Industries.

Importance of Air Quality Monitoring & Testing

Once pollutants are emitted into the air they dictated by weather. Weather all around the world is extremely variable. Only studying air pollution is not adequate to estimate air quality. Also air pollution is very complicated in terms of pollutants and their effects on buildings and roads.

This is where air quality monitoring comes into the picture. Air emissions monitoring can help us to measure types of pollutants and their concentrations which further can be analyzed and interpreted. This information can be used to take actions based on trends.

It can also help us to determine which areas in country are more pollutants, which type of pollutants are increasing relating to industrial pollution and traffic.

Air quality data can be used in many ways like what will be the % drop in pollution if traffic reduced by 50%. It can also answer questions like can we open new industrial plant near city and what will be its impact on air quality near city or in an industry.Air Quality monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring or Testing Procedure

Before starting air monitoring or air testing on site there is some background information required of the sources/emissions, health and demographic information, meteorological data, topographical information and previous air quality monitoring information. It helps to decide whether to increase or decrease monitoring locations based on previous readings.

Air quality testing and monitoring is done in areas where pollution problem exists and it is expected e.g. Companies Premises, Industrial area, traffic intersection.

It is good to conduct Air Pollution Testing program in order to get annual average sampling as pollutants behave in each season differently. It recommended that in a year 104 Air emissions monitoring of 24 hrs. i.e. twice a week.

Also instruments used in Air Pollution Testing must be well maintained and calibrated. Also laboratory should be nearby from the air quality monitoring site to avoid loss due to incorrect handling in transportation.

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Air Quality Monitoring Parameters

As per notification by pollution control board Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen Oxide NO2, Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) & Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM / PM10) are important pollutants to monitor.Air quality monitoring - Wind Velocity

Also Monitoring of meteorological parameters like wind direction, speed, humidity and temperature should be integrated part of air emissions monitoring.

Types of Air Pollution Monitoring & Testing

It can be divided into three parts

  • Ambient air quality monitoring & Testing
  • Indoor air quality monitoring & testing
  • Stack emission monitoring & testing

There is also Industrial air quality testing available which includes ambient and indoor air quality monitoring for Industrial premises.

Industrial Air quality Monitoring & Testing from Air Quality Specialist

Industrial air quality testing  or Air pollution monitoring in company can be conducted in company premises to ensue workers are not exposed to harmful gases in the workplace including chemical, physical and biological hazards. This hazards can affects health of employees and may prone to lost man-hours and additional cost. We can reduce potential exposure risks by identifying and recognizing gases and their characteristic.

Under industrial Air quality testing we can:

  • Measurement of exposure
  • Name and amount of presence in the atmosphere
  • Health hazards
  • Solution to minimize exposure
  • Determine effectiveness of implemented controls

Air Quality Monitoring & Testing Services for Businesses

Perfect Pollucon Services as Air Quality Specialist Offers Air quality testing and Monitoring services for different types of industries. We are well known organization in Air Monitoring Services field. We offer Air pollution monitoring services within promised time frame. The offered service is performed by our skillful professionals using first-rate grade instruments.

It is rendered to check pollutants level mixed in the Ambient air, indoor Air and stack testing and Monitoring.

Our Air Pollution Testing Company’s key features are:

  • Experienced and Qualified staff
  • Well calibrated advanced instruments for accurate readings
  • Ultramodern techniques
  • Timely executing
  • Competitive price
  • Ensures complete satisfaction
  • Appreciated by our previous clients

Let us know if you have any questions or feel free to contact us by filling up contact us form.

Our company is one of the leading Air quality Monitoring company. We offer services in Air pollution monitoring, Ambient air testing.

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