Chemical Industries

In Today’s world pollution is becoming a serious problem and one of the major sources for pollution are industries and vehicles. Also if we further drill down Chemical industries produce and release more toxic gases as compared to other industries.

To stay competitive with safety all industries must follow rules and regulations amended by government and also take responsibilities for pollution to reduce environmental impact due to pollution. But due to market demand it is necessary to increase production with lower prices.

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Environmental Monitoring In chemical Industry

In Perfect Pollucon Services this challenge is very easy and cost efficient.  We cover below mentioned points to take care of health and safety of employees.

Chemical Industry

Air Sampling

We conduct air monitoring for viable and non-Viable particles for clean rooms using air samplers for predetermined volume of air.

Stack Monitoring

We also provide stack emissions testing services for those companies who do not have online stack monitoring system for DG set, Boilers, Scrubbers, process Stacks etc.

Noise Level Monitoring

Noise level Monitoring is to check noise level at workplace whether it is beyond permissible limit including noise impact assessment.

Water testing

We check water for pH, TDS, hardness, coliform, Metals and non-Metals etc.

Wastewater testing

Chemical Industries wastewater normally contain organic and inorganic compounds in different concentrations. Matters in the chemical industry are mutagenic, carcinogenic, toxic or almost non-biodegradable.

Here Perfect Pollucon Services comes into picture, we use latest, efficient and cost-saving technologies to remove hazardous chemicals from wastewater before releasing to environment.

Below mentioned problems are found in wastewater for chemical industries:

  • Floating and suspended solids
  • Hexavalent chrome reduction
  • Hazy effluent
  • High metals concentration
  • Odor
  • Oil in the system
  • Foaming

And above problems can be resolved by adding below mentioned chemicals

  • Precipitants
  • Coagulants
  • Flocculants
  • Defoamers
  • Bioaugmentation

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Environmental Services for Chemical Industry

We also offer consent to establish, operate or renewal of consent related work. Also we are expert in filing Water Cess return and preparing Environmental Statement for companies in chemical industry.

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