Environmental Monitoring in Oil and Gas Industry

Pollution is becoming a severe problem nowadays and one of the major sources for pollution are industries and vehicles. Vehicles are major contributor to pollution. The fuel they use is refined by oil and gas or petroleum companies.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas sector plays vital role for any country’s economy. Recently Indian government has adopted policy for 100% foreign direct investment in oil and gas or petroleum sector.

To cope with safety all industries must follow rules and regulations amended or implemented by government and also take responsibilities for pollution to reduce environmental impact due to pollution, but due to market demand it is necessary to increase production with lower prices.

In Perfect Pollucon Services this challenge is very easy and cost efficient.  We cover below mentioned points to take care of health and safety of employees of refinery companies.

Environmental Monitoring in Oil and gas industry

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Air Sampling for Oil and gas or Petroleum Industries

We conduct air monitoring for Parameters VOC (Volatile organic Compounds), Benzene, NOx, H2S, SO2, SPM (Suspended Particulate matter) and RSPM (Respirable Suspended Particulate matter) for refinery companies.

Stack Monitoring for Oil and gas or Petroleum Industries

We also provide stack monitoring services for those companies who do not have online stack monitoring system for parameters SO2 and TPM (Total Particulate matter)

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Noise Level Monitoring for Oil and gas or Petroleum Industries

Noise level Monitoring is to check noise level at workplace whether it is beyond permissible limit.

Water testing for Oil and gas or Petroleum Industries

We check water for pH, TDS, hardness, coliform, Metals and non-Metals etc.

Operation and Maintenance of ETP STP for Oil & gas or Petroleum Industries

Oil and gas or Petroleum Industries wastewater normally contain organic and inorganic compounds in different concentrations. Matters in the oil and gas or Petroleum industry are mutagenic, carcinogenic, toxic or almost non-biodegradable.

Here Perfect Pollucon Services comes into picture, we use latest, efficient and cost-saving technologies to remove hazardous oil and gas or Petroleum from wastewater before releasing to environment.

Below mentioned problems are found in wastewater for oil and gas or Petroleum industries:

  • Floating and suspended solids
  • Hexavalent chrome reduction
  • Hazy effluent
  • High metals concentration
  • Odor
  • Oil in the system
  • Foaming

And above problems can be resolved by adding below mentioned oil and gas or Petroleum

  • Recycle & Reuse of Produced Water
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Induced Gas Flotation (IGF)
  • Deoiling
  • Brine Neutralization
  • Walnut Shell Filters/Oil Removal Filters (ORFs)
  • Warm Lime Softening Clarification
  • Afterfilters
  • Ion Exchange Softening
  • Evaporation (MVC- VTFF)
  • Crystallization for ZLD
  • High Temperature Membrane

Consent To Establish and Consent to Operate NOC for Petroleum or Oil & gas Industry

We Offer services in getting MPCB consent for establishment, operate or renewal. We have 25 years of experience in consent related activities. We Prepare application, Analyse the case, Submission to MPCB and Obtain consent seamlessly.

Environmental Services

We also offer consent to establish, operate or renewal of consent related work. Also we are expert in filing Water Cess return and preparing Environmental Statement.

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