Consent to Establish, Consent to Operate and Renewal

Establishing a new manufacturing company is a big challenge itself for entrepreneur. It also requires many approvals  i.e. Consent to operate (CTO Approval) and Consent to establish (CTE Approval) from government authorities. If required guidelines not followed properly for getting approval from government then situation may become difficult.Consent to Establish, Operate , Renewal

One of the major Consent is from Pollution control Board.

Environmental Monitoring and MPCB consent Services

Perfect Pollucon Services is an Environmental consultant offering services in Environmental Monitoring and consultancy.

– Consent to Establish
– Consent to Operate
– Renewal of consent
– Amendment in existing MPCB consent
– Change in Company name

If manufacturing company discharge, stores, Handling, transport substances like Poisonous gases, waste water, Noise or any other waste which harms/Pollute environment then they have to take approval from Pollution control board which is called as Consent from Pollution control Board.

Consent from Pollution Board is of two types:

Consent to Establish (NOC)

This type of consent to Establish (NOC) must obtain by manufacturing company as per the Water Act 1974 and Air Act 1981, before starting Establishment the site. There are Some documents required to obtain consent to establish like Site plan, DD for fees, Manufacturing details, Approval from govt and Local bodies etc.

Click here to Download Consent to establish or operate application Form. Application form must be duly filled before submitting to pollution control board with attached required documents.

There are total five sections in consent to establish form:

  • General
  • Waste water Aspects
  • Air Emission Aspects
  • Hazardous waste aspects
  • Additional Information

There are four types of consents i.e. simplified consent (pollution free SSI), Green Consent, Orange consent and Red Consent. The validity of NOC is for the one year. NOC should be renewed if the unit is not commissioned by then. If renewal is not requested within the validity period then fresh application has to be made to the pollution control Board.

MPCB Online Application for Consent to operate

Recently MPCB have started a new process by which a company can fill and submit their consent to Establish, operate or renewal of existing consent online.

By using this site you can fill MPCB online application form, but make sure that you have below mentioned documents handy before starting to apply MPCB consent online

  1. SSI registration copy
  2. Email ID and PAN card of Company.
  3. Company Name and address

New users can register and existing users can login to MPCB Web Portal

You can refer to FAQ section of website to go through frequently asked questions.

To check list of newly granted consent by MPCB click here

To view step by step guidelines on MPCB online consent application to establish, operate or renewal of existing consent, you can visit here

After filling MPCB online application MPCB staff will ask you to visit their office for physical verification. You need to carry below mentioned documents before visiting MPCB staff.

For Physical verification of Documents in MPCB require following documents.

  1. Original SSI COPY.
  2. Original PAN Card Copy.
  3. Original PAN Card of Director/Authorized Person.
  4. Authority letter from Company.
  5. Board Resolution for Appointment of Authorized Person.

MPCB Consent to Operate and Renewal:

This type of consent must obtain before starting actual production after getting NOC from pollution control board. In MPCB Consent to establish procedure Major Documents required are Detailed plant Layout, Air, water noise and Soil Sampling and Analysis reports, Copy of previous consent, SSI certificate Maharashtra etc. it can be obtained for 1 year to 5 years.

Difference between Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate

As per government notification under water act 1974 and air act 1981 a company should obtain consent to establish before establishing (before starting construction of site) from pollution control board.

After establishing your company representative from pollution control board visits site to check whether construction is as per plan. Once approved you can apply for consent to operate.

Consent to operate can be renewed for every 1 to 5 years depending on the category whereas consent to establish is one time activity.

Documents required to get the MPCB consent to establish

  • Site proposal/index
  • Geographical Map
  • Detailed layout plant of different processes and point sources of sewage emissions/discharges and position of stack and documents including D.G. set capability in KVA.
  • Details of Water Pollution Control/Air Pollution Control instruments proposed to be provided.
  • Ambient Air Quality Report
  • NOC from Directorate of Industries Government of Maharashtra /SSI Certificate Maharashtra
  • DGTD Registration ( if applicable )
  • Details of chemical reactions with mass equilibrium.
  • Consent fees in the form of DD drawn on favour of Pollution control board.
  • NOC from Local body.
  • Under taking on Rs. 20 stamp paper or Chartered Accountant certificate about projected Capital Investment ( Land, building, and other machineries).
  • Water Budget calculations

Documents required for consent to operate or renewal

  • Detailed layout plant of different processes and point sources of effluent or sewage discharge or emissions and position of stack and documents including DG set capability in KVA.
  • Process flow sheet.
  • Latest analysis report of solid waste, effluent, hazardous wastes and fuel gases
  • Details of Water Pollution Control or Air Pollution Control instruments provided.
  • Ambient Air Quality Report
  • NOC from Directorate of Industries Government of Maharashtra or SSI Certificate Maharashtra.
  • DGTD Registration. (if applicable )
  • Details of chemical reactions with mass equilibrium.
  • Consent fees in the form of DD drawn on favour of Pollution Control Board.
  • Xerox copy of previous consent (for renewal only).
  • Xerox copy of Environmental Clearance of Government of Maharashtra or Government of India in case of 1st consent to operate in case of industries or process requiring environmental clearance.
  • Water budget calculations

Consent to Establish Procedure

Below is the process chart to obtain Consent to Establish. Sometimes the procedure is different depending on case to case but in general below steps needs to be followed.

Consent to Establish Procedure - Perfect Pollucon Services

For more information You can also refer to Consent to establish Procedure from HSPCB

Consent to Operate under Water and Air Act

The validity of Consent to Establish is for the one year. Consent to Establish should be renewed if the unit is not commissioned by then. If renewal is not obtained within the validity period fresh application has to be made to the pollution control Board.

MPCB Consent Renewal Fees under water act / air act

Entrepreneurs need to pay MPCB consent renewal fee by DD in favor of Pollution control board. Normally it depends upon Capital investment of Company. It can vary between 0.02% to 0.05% of Capital Investment for both Consent to Establishment and Operate.

Common Questions answered about How to get consent from MPCB?

Renewal of consent to Operate

Application for MPCB Consent to Operate (Renewal) is to be submitted in the 4th month before the expiry of the Consent order. If application is made after expiry of the validity period an action is to be taken as per Section 25/26 of Water Act & Section 21 of Air Act. The MPCB application form for Consent to Operate (Renewal) under the Water Act and Air Act is Schedule-I should be submitted in triplicate. The application form is available at all the offices of the Board or can be downloaded from the state pollution control board’s Website. The amount is to be submitted as DD in favour of the Member Secretary, State Pollution Control Board.

Documents to submitted for renewal of consent are similar to MPCB consent to operate.

Penalty for Operating without Consent

Penalty for Manufacturing/Production without pollution control board Consent to Operate/Establishment can go 10 times more than consent fess.

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Site Visit

After submitting form to Pollution control board, government officials visit the site to verify compliance and implementation of the conditions of the consent to Establish (NOC) issued by the State Pollution Control Board and take necessary actions.

Why Perfect Pollucon Services?

We have 15 years’ experience in obtaining consent to Establish, Consent to operate and Consent to Renewal. We take care of Tasks like Preparation application Consent form, Submission of application for consent to operate and consent for establishment, Required Sampling analysis reports and Follow up with Pollution control board to obtain consent.

If you required more info or want to obtain consent to Establish, Operate, Renewal or any other issues please fill up Contact us from on right side or you can call us.

Below are our key features for each service:

MPCB Consent to Establish

  • Preparation of Application
  • MPCB online consent application
  • Classification of Industry (Red / Orange / Green)
  • Analysis of the Case
  • Filing of Case with MPCB
  • Obtain Consent to Establishment

MPCB Consent to Operate

  • Preparation of Application
  • MPCB consent to operate online application
  • Evaluate existing Consent to Establish
  • Analysis of the Case
  • Filing of Case with MPCB
  • Obtain Consent to Operate

MPCB Renewal of consent to operate

  • Preparation of Application
  • MPCB online consent renewal
  • Evaluate existing Consent to Operate
  • Analysis of the Case
  • Filing of Case with MPCB
  • Obtain Renewed Consent to Operate

Let us know if you have any questions or contact us if you want to Obtain or renew your consent.

You can also refer to how to fill up and submit Environmental Statement

Consent to Establish, Consent to Operate and Renewal
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50 thought on Consent to Establish, Consent to Operate and Renewal

  1. Subhananda Pradhan says:


    I have a query, can you please help me on it.

    For an Iron Ore mine,
    Mining Plan is having a proposal to setup a Benefication plant within in the lease area.
    I got the Environment Clearance, Forest Clearance.
    I have not establish the Benefication plant as on date. I dont have the right amount of funds currently to setup the plant. I am thinking to setup the plant once the mine is running.
    I want to apply for Consent To Operate [CTO].
    Will i get a CTO even if i have not setup the plant? or do i need to setup the plant and then apply for CTO.

    1. Mr Subhananda, First of all thank you for your comment.

      As per MPCB, one has to apply for consent to establish (CTE) before setup the plant. once you have that you can start setup your plant. after you setup your plant you can apply for consent to operate (CTO). Make sure that you start manufacturing only after you get consent to operate (CTO) from MPCB.

  2. Hi,
    Pls note that we have cto till 31.03.2016 and in july 2015 we have upgrade our etp plant and apply for cte and get cte for 24 months. but as our regular cto was upto 31.03.2016, so we have applied for trial in feb16 and get trial in feb 16 upto last may2016.

    now my question is-
    1 can we apply for cte both/hwm before expiry of trial .i.e.upto last may16 ??
    2 or we have to apply for cto both/hwm before the expiry of trial.???

    that is I am not clear that what we have to apply i.e. cte or cto?????
    so pls make it clear.

    thanks in anticipation.

    1. Thank you Deepak for your question.

      First of all you need to apply for renewal of consent for existing consent to operate, after that you need to apply for consent to operate for existing (upgraded) consent to establish.

      Let us know if you have any questions.

  3. Vishal sawarkar says:

    We have got EC. Now we want to apply for CTE. What is the format of “local body NOC”? What should be the contents of this NOC?

    1. Thank you for your question. To apply CTE you need to fill up Consent to establish FORM and submit it to MPCB with required documents.

      Let us know if you face any issues.

  4. Hi, I have not obtained CFE. I am developing 4 acres of land for residential purpose. There is a STP in that. Now my houses are ready to occupy. KSPCB issued notice stating that I should have taken the CFE under Water and Air Act. Kindly advise what should I do?

    1. If we can understand properly, you have completed construction without taking consent from Pollution control board.

      In that case you have violated policy of Pollution control board and they may fine you heavily. You will have to contact person (RO or SRO) from Pollution control board and ask for procedure.

  5. Vamsi Pavuluri says:

    We have CTE in our hand for our solar pv power plant. Now kindly let me know the documents required to submit at the time of CTO application.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      You can refer to section on this page “Documents required for consent to operate or renewal” for documents required at the time of CTO application.

  6. Soumya Bhargava says:


    If company A has undertaken consent to establish and thereafter, company B purchases the land and factory of Company A, would the Company B require the consent to establish for the said factory?

    1. Thank you for reading article and asking question.

      Whenever a company takes consent to establish it is taken for land and factory and not for the company. if company A has already acquired consent to establish and Company B has undertaken company A, in that case you need to submit your original consent alongwith your undertake certificate / Change of owner to amend it in existing consent.

      Hope this helps.

  7. We have IT company in Dehradun with approx. 1200 employees and 3 generator with 2×500 KVA and 1×250 KVA, also, we installed STP (sewage treatment plant), my question is, are air and water consent is applicable to our company.

    1. Hi Avnish,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, it is compulsory to get consent for air and water as your company has installed Diesel generator and STP.

      for more information you can get in contact with pollution control board of your state.

  8. Shwetank Sharma says:

    the company which had the CTE and CTO is merging with another company. ARE new consent applications required to be filled or the previous one given to the merging entity will suffice? if not, what needs to be done to notify the relevant authorities for this change?

  9. Hi, there are many local manufacturing companies running without these consents. How?


    1. Hi Amit,

      We agree with you but it is personal decision of the company owner if they are manufacturing without consent and we don’t recommend doing that. After some time they will face consequences for doing this.

  10. Shubham Mishra says:


    Is there a specific time limit under which CTE case should be disposed off.

    1. Hi Shubham,
      There is no time limit under which CTE can be disposed. you need to follow up with environmental officers.

      Thank you !

  11. Now, consent application is online and in online application condition No. 5 Gross capital investment…. in that we have to choose terms ….
    can you tell me what are the terms to be selected as per industry. Ex. Red, Orange, Green and also tell me the reference for this or any standard guideline

  12. What is IIN number in consent to renewal..
    And what is Ec obtained or EC req check box in online consent renewal form..
    Is there any need of apply for consent to establish again as previously it is done offline and now the process is became online
    I have obtain both consent to operate and establish 8 yrs back do I need to apply for the same again?

    1. Hi Saurav,
      Please find below answers:
      1) IIN is a consent serial number mentioned in your previous consent
      2) If you have obtained environmental Clearance then check EC obtained, same for environmental clearance required
      3) Yes it is compulsory to obtain consent online even if you have currently obtained consent offline
      4) If you already have consent to establish then you just have to renew you consent online

      Let us know in case you have any queries.

  13. Ganesh Gadhe says:

    Hi.. Our company is in working from 1 year and we want to register for MPCB so can we go directly for CTO? Please reply..

  14. atishay jain says:

    If a unit in uttarakhand had applied for renewal of consent to operate before the expiry of the consent order, then can the unit operate while the application for renewal is pending? what rules or law is applicable here?

    1. Thank you for visiting our website.

      The consent which you received earlier from pollution control board is for specific period. If you have applied before 90 days of expiry date then you can continue to operate but if you haven’t then you will have to consult with your regional officer.

      Thank you and keep coming for more.

  15. My company is not in production since last 2 years due to shortage of raw material and CTO will be expired very shortly it is mandatory to renewal CTO? Further I don’t want to run plant pls advise

    1. Hi Vijay,

      Thank you for your query.
      If you are shutting down your plant then it s not required to renew your CTO. But in future if you want to again start your plant then you will have to start from CTE.

      Hope you liked our article. keep visiting for more interesting articles.

  16. Hi,

    We have applied for CTE extension as our production not started in the time limit or validity given by GPCB and GPCB has raised query i.e. please submit CTE compliance. What should we submit against CTE compliance..?

  17. sarthk kumar says:

    SIr please tell me that what document has to be maintain in a auto manufacturing plant after take noc

  18. Hi,
    We have a valid C2O, we need to renew it. Our production qty has been exceeded as compare to consent limit. Now we need to renew our C2O , kindly suggest for further process.

  19. Dear sir,
    I am planing to setup a premix blending and repacking unit whare no liquid waste or air pollution will happen as its simple blending of inorganic chemicals or repacking, testing and storage of micronutrients. Area of the land will be below 240 sq. Mtr.
    Sould i have to get mpcb consent to establish even for blending ativity at micro scale unit??
    If i get floor of running chemical unit on RENT, do i have to get mpcb consent in this case as well??

    Pls advise…!! Also advise your consent fees for my ref.

    Best regards,

  20. Dear Sir,
    What is the online procedure for Auto Renewal for Consent to Establish / Operate based on Self-Certification for Green Category Industries.

    Appreciate your response.


  21. Sir
    I need clarification whether Consent To Operate is required if you have obtained Environment Clarence. Is there any circular issued from MOEF &CC recently.

    1. Hi Rupam,

      You need to apply Environmental clearance and consent to operate separately. First of all before starting to commissioning of your project apply for consent to Establish and then for consent to operate. Contact us for more information we would love to help you.
      Thank you and keep coming to our website for more updates.

  22. Hi, I am on verge of completing company formation, where I mentioned company is manufacturing and trading goods, in initial years (2-3yrs), my company will do only trading activity. Do I need to get CTE and CTO.

  23. raunaq singh says:

    If my company and the manufacturing unit is already operational, in this case, should I apply for Consent to Establish or Consent to Operate? Is consent to establish mandatory to apply for consent to operate?

    1. Hi Raunaq,

      thank you for visiting.

      Yes, as per MPCB norms one has to get consent to establish before getting consent to operate. for more information you can contact us.

  24. satish chaudhry says:

    sir i have a mining project 4 hec. i get environment clerance in 2015 and get consent to operate now i am apply renew consent to operate but not renew . how can i do.

    1. Hi Satish,

      Thank you for contacting us. Request you to contact us on details on top-Right of this page and we will be happy to help you.

      Keep reading our website for more information.

  25. please explain me proper procedure and which document required for the consent air & water

    1. Hi Pulkit,

      Thank you for showing interest. Request you to contact us for more information so that our team will be able to help you.

      Thank you..

  26. Dear Sir ,
    We get Environment clearance dated feb 2010 and also obtained consent to established NOC in june 2010. But due to litigation the plant could not start. Now we have clarify all the obligation, pls suggest the validity of EC is only 7 years. Is our EC is valid or not.
    Validity will applicable for establishment of plant or commissioning of the plant.

    1. gd_support says:

      Dear Ojha,

      you will have to apply for fresh EC as the validity of earlier approval got expired in Feb2017 irrespective your commining of plant, etc.

      Thank you.

  27. Shaik mahaboob Basha says:

    good after noon sir we r newly taken pharma biowaste liquid supply to cement plants but we dont know the pharmalities of pcb how to proceed for what licence we requiered pl we need ur advice pl reply aeap
    with regards

    sm basha

    1. gd_support says:

      Hi SM Basha,

      Request you to contact 9930180059 for more information.

      Thank you.

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