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Perfect Pollucon Services
is an ISO 14001:2004 Certified Environmental consultant Company in Maharashtra since 2007. Our Company provide Environmental consultancy and Monitoring services for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and other Industries based in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Goa.

Environment pollution has become an issue of utmost importance in the current century. Industrial development with proper pollution control measures has become the primary concern due to increasing public awareness and compliance standards. Pollution control facilities are already installed or being upgraded by most of the industries. In now days the periodic sampling and analysis of Waste water, Air emissions and other environmental activities are required to control the pollution problem. We are there to help you to minimize environmental pollution.

Someone said it correctly – We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.

Environmental Consultancy Services

Environmental MonitoringEnvironmental Monitoring

From small businesses to big enterprises as environmental consultants we offer Environmental Monitoring services for ambient air quality, Indoor air quality, Noise measurement, Water Quality, Soil quality etc.

Environmental impact assessment study (EIA survey)

This helps us to identify environmental consequences of particular project i.e. positive and negative. Perfe
ct Pollucon Services has expertise and experience in undertaking challenging Environmental Impact Assessment surveys.

Environmental Statement

This gives us an idea about how companies optimizing their production, Investments to reduce pollution, comparison of hazardous waste released in environment over the previous period. Environmental Statement or Environmental Audit is mandatory process for all manufacturing companies. Read more about Environmental Statement.

Water Cess ReturnsWater cess Return

It is tax on water consumed by organisation for particular period. Water Cess click here to know more returns are calculated based on Water Consumed by company during a month. Company may also get waiver if they have installed effluent treatment plant (ETP or STP).

Consent to Establishment, Operate and RenewalConsent to establish & Consent to operate

We are experts in Obtain consent from Maharashtra pollution control board (MPCB) for Consent to establish, Operate and Maintenance. As Environmental Consulting firm we do tasks like submission of documents to Pollution Control Board, Follow Up for Consent etc. more info on MPCB Consent to Operate and Consent to Establishment.

Operation and Maintenance of ETP and STP

Operation and maintenance of ETP STP

O and M of ETP and STP

We offer services to Operation and Maintenance of effluent treatment plants (ETP) and Sewage treatment plant (STP). We provide dedicated resources and technical assistance for water and waste water treatment plants.

As Environmental Consultants we provide below mentionedeffluent treatment plant related services.

Effluent treatment Plant Design

Effluent treatment Plant Design

  • ETP Turnkey projects
  • ETP Designing
  • Effluent treatment Plants Installation, Commissioning, Upgradation

Environmental Monitoring Services

Ambient Air Quality MonitoringAmbient Air quality monitoring

We provide services for Ambient and Indoor air quality for residential, commercial, sensitive and Industrial
Areas for 8/24 hours for parameters PM2.5, PM10, SO2 and NOx etc.

Stack Emission MonitoringStack Emission Monitoring

We carry out stack emission monitoring for DG set stack, Boiler stack, Process Stack, Furnace stack etc.Samples of different gases and particulate matters are collected after measurement of velocity and flow rate in the stack. it is done using pre-calibrated stack monitoring kit.

Noise Level MeasurementNoise Monitoring Services

As Environmental Consulting Firm we offer services in Noise Monitoring for background noise levels both at day and night at residential, industrial and sensitive areas.

Drinking Water AnalysisDrinking water sampling and analysis

We offer water and Wastewater quality testing services for ground water, surface water, drinking water, wastewater or effluent water etc. we carry out test for physical , chemical and biological properties.


Soil AnalysisSoil analysis

We offer soil testing and analysis services to check soil fertility. Also analyse characteristics in terms of physical, chemical and biological parameters for agricultural fields, dry lands and river banks etc.

Illumination Survey

we offer lighting survey or Illumination Survey which is used to determine whether sufficient light is present at workplace to carry our particular task.

Workplace MonitoringWorkplace Monitoring

We carry out workplace monitoring to identify risk for health and safety of employees.

know more about our roles and responsibilities. Above mentioned servicesgives us an idea about how can we
control pollution, Increase safety of Employees, type of treatment required before releasing waste water into river (or nearest sewer), type of fertilizer required for farm and is the water is drinkable.

Why Perfect Pollucon Services

What Makes us Different than Other Environmental Consultants With all that Environmental stuff we stand for Something very special i.e.

  • Integrity and Customer Service We promise we will be there when you face any problems or hurdles.
  • We will work on weekends as well if there is need.
  • We are experts in what we do and it shows in our results.
  • We never set false expectations for our clients.
  • We always offer our services in Competitive prices i.e. Value for Money.

These points will help you to choose right vendor – even if it isn’t Perfect Pollucon Services.

Perfect Pollucon Services is a Environmental Consultant based in Mumbai since 2007 to take care of pollution related issues. Our Staff has over 30 years of experience in above mentioned services. we have qualified and highly experienced professionals to carry out above mentioned services.

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