Indoor Air Pollution – Introduction

Indoor air pollution - Introduction
What Is Indoor Air Pollution? Indoor air pollution can be defined as chemical, physical and biological contamination of indoor air. In simple words indoor air pollution is the contamination of indoor air due to incorporation of substances (pollutants) which are...
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Sound Level Measuring using smartphones? Think twice

Sound Level Measuring using smartphones
Ever imagined Sound Level Measuring using smartphones? Mobiles have evolved into computing machines with extraordinary capabilities. They have cameras, microphones, gyroscopes, proximity sensors, accelerometers, light sensors and GPS receivers. The advancement of these handheld devices has evolved into them being...
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VOC Monitoring: Benefits of Sampling & Analysis

VOC monitoring
What are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)? VOCs are gases that are emitted by certain liquids and solids. VOCs are bad for health, some have short term while others have long lasting ill-effects. To make matters worse, VOC concentration are 10...
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