Professional Air Quality Testing

Professional Air Quality Testing

Professional Air Quality Testing

Professional Air Quality Testing is process of Sampling and analyzing the results of ambient or indoor air in laboratory by professionals using scientific methods.

Good Air Quality is what everyone is yearning for, especially these days! But, how can we tell if Air around us is of Good quality or Bad Quality?

This is a question many have and the answer to this is simply by having an air quality test performed. By taking the help of professionals we can have an assessment done of the air quality around us and get an insight about what we are dealing with and how to get rid of Bad air quality. Sounds great doesn’t it?

With the help of professionals we can get closer to our desire for Good Air Quality!

Professional Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing refers to monitoring and analysis of pollution level thus determining the quality of air. Deterioration of air quality is caused due to many factors and it is thus basically differentiated into;

There are other types of air quality test which are more specific towards industries and are conducted by highly trained professional namely stack emission testing, DG set emission testing, fugitive gases emission testing, etc.

Now the Benefits !

A thought may occur to some of you, that why can’t we solely do air quality testing without taking any help from professionals. Well there is no denying that we can do air quality testing, but there will be huge no of limitations with high probability of getting inaccurate test results.

To acquire accurate test results it is always advisable to get professional’s help.
The professional will;

  • Monitor all parameters which are detrimental to human health with calibrated instruments
  • Provide accurate results in short time period
  • Provide recommendations required to obtain better Air quality and will guide through to achieve it.

Having known some benefits which we can avail with help from a professional, let’s see a brief overview of how they conduct air quality testing.

Professional Air Quality Testing Procedure

For any type of air quality testing, be it ambient or indoor it is necessary to study the site first. Studying the site and surveying the residents gives a succinct idea about pollutants which may dwell there.

In general the procedure for both ambient and indoor air testing will be as follows;

  • Selection of sampling locations and parameters

This information can be gained after studying and surveying the site and residents

  • Sample collection with help of calibrated instruments.

The instruments and sampling technique would vary depending on the type of method followed.

You can read more about Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Procedure

If traditional chemical assay method is to be followed – Instruments required would include High volume sampler and absorption media along with filter papers of particular weight.

High Volume Dust sampler
High Volume Sampler – Professional Air Quality testing

If sensor based method is to be followed – Instruments required would be handheld sensor based devices like Dust monitor, NOX meter, VOC meter, etc.

Dust Meter – Professional Air Quality Monitoring – Perfect Pollucon Services
VOC meter - Professional air Quality Testing - Perfect Pollucon Services
VOC Meter – Professional Air Quality Testing – Perfect Pollucon Services
  • Detection and measurement of pollutants from samples collected.

The sensor based method would give results after data is extracted from device into a computer.

The traditional method will require the samples to be taken to the lab and after chemical assays, the results will be obtained.

  • Analysis and Recommendations

A test or monitoring is incomplete if the results obtained are not analyzed and rated. Analysis of test results will enlighten about the quality of air. Recommendations are then provided based on the results.

Hiring a professional for assessing the air quality will not only give an idea about the air quality but also will guide us through the changes we need to do to acquire better air quality. Having a professional conduct air quality test would be Life Saver!


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