How to Reduce Air Pollution from Industries

How to Reduce Air Pollution from Industries

How to Reduce Air Pollution from Industries

We can reduce air pollution from industries or factories by using public transport to travel, increasing efficiency of equipments to consume less energy and opting for natural gas.

Nowadays environmental pollution has become a critical issue due to increased demand to products and development. Due to deforestation and industrialization, air quality is constantly degrading year on year.

Any type of air pollution has sources of industrial activities is known as Industrial air pollution. Cutting down air pollution is the first step to go green.Sources of Air Pollutants

Industrial air pollution is major source of total environmental air pollution.

Industrial air pollution can be divided in two categories:

  • Stationary emission sources
  • Mobile emission sources

Air pollution from Stationary Emission sources in Industry

Stationary emission sources from industries / factories includes pollution from stacks, chimney, diesel generators, boilers etc. They emit majorly Particulate Matter (PM10 & PM2.5), Sulphur Dioxides (SO2), Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), VOC etc.

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Air pollution from Mobile emission sources in Industry

Mobile emission sources majorly include transportation of products or raw materials in industries. It includes harmful gases like particulate matter (PM2.5 & PM10) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

How to Reduce Air Pollution from Industries / Factories

As Industrial activities are so different from each other it is very difficult to arrive at single solution for all industries as per their pollution challenges. If something is working in Pharmaceutical industry is meaningless in cement industry.

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Ways to Reduce Air Pollution from Factories

  • We can reduce air pollution by conserving energy by turning off lights, computers, air conditioners and other appliances when not in use.
  • Encourage your employees to use public transport or you can arrange a bus from a common point for your employees.
  • When purchasing a vehicle for your company consider buying most efficient, lowest polluting or if possible zero emission electric vehicle.
  • Encourage employees to use bicycle for daily commute
  • Ensure drivers in your company obeying traffic laws, speed limits, maintaining vehicles properly and keeping optimum air pressure in tyres.
  • Replace lights in your factory to energy efficient bulbs
  • GO green by limiting the use of paper as it may save some trees
  • Choose materials which are made from recycled materials
  • Encourage teleconference than physical meeting
  • Encourage activities like planting trees once a year among employees
  • Give awards to employees who reduced emissions in their shifts
  • Improve machineries or manufacturing processes to reduce emissions from factories
  • Boosting performance of boilers can sharply reduce air pollution from industry
  • Earlier companies used electric motors with efficiencies 60-90 percentage now electric motors with 95% of efficiency are also available
  • Proper maintenance of boiler e.g. blowing dust from surface, reducing excess air can reduce air pollution from industries
  • Reducing the need of steam the use of boiler, by identifying leaks can boost system by 10-50%
  • Switching from coal, oil to natural gas reduced operating costs and extend plant’s life by eliminating corrosion from fuels
  • to identify irregularities in pollutants level in air and keep your pollutants level within limits

    Natural Gas boiler - How to Reduce Air Pollution from Industries
    Natural Gas boiler – How to Reduce Air Pollution from Industries

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    To decrease the Air pollution from Stationary Emission sources in Industry the new technologies should be promoted such as:
    Fine particle filtration from the high temperature sources with granular filters. New ideas in this area reveals to keep high level of the efficiency during regeneration. The methods of the regeneration in spouted bed were covered in scientific publications.
    The submicrone particle filtration with regenerated electret filters. The electet filters efficiency is very high at the beging of the filter usage – 99.9… The next 9th is a subject of the particles properties. However, due to the life of the electrical charge level is limited, the filter efficiency is dropping significantly over time. Funding new ideas in developing regenerated electet filters would allow reduce the submicrone particles emissions from the electronics manufactoring facilities. There are at least two directions in this area are visible.

  2. It is important to reduce air pollution. The article has explained clearly how to reduce air pollution from industries. Air quality monitoring systems are the best way to monitor the pollutants. Chemtrols is one of the companies in India providing these systems.

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