Benefits of Environmental Monitoring

Benefits of Environmental Monitoring

Benefits of Environmental Monitoring

Purpose & benefits of Environmental Monitoring is to understand whether quality of environmental is getting better or worse. Information collected by Environmental Consultants by Monitoring Environment is very helpful to take decisions for government and non-governmental bodies. The most important purpose or benefit of Environmental monitoring is to see and analyze trends & patterns of presence of air pollutants in atmosphere.

Purpose or Objectives of Environmental Monitoring

The purpose or objective of environmental monitoring is different in different situations, but important aims to environmental monitoring are ensuring company’s compliance with environmental regulations, evaluating efficiency of newly installed machine, evaluating health of employees. It helps to find risks to human and wildlife, scope to population migration from high density areas to low density areas and also to restrict emission of gases.

Benefits of Environmental Monitoring information for Non-Governmental Bodies

Many Companies, people, organizations use data of environmental monitoring to cope with the environment and to reduce the pollution to make life better. Below is the list of points of Importance of environmental monitoring:

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are the ones who help to treat and create more awareness about the disease and ways it can be controlled. They are also concerned about environmental impact of particular project, eg. High noise levels, low ambient air quality etc. They are also concerned about the effects of pollution on environmental and human health for long term as well as short term.

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Architectures and Engineers

Environmental Monitoring Data - importance of environmental monitoring
Objectives of Environmental Monitoring

When engineers plan for new highway on sea. They should know what is high level of sea water could rise, what is vibration level at the bottom of the sea or what are the other environmental factors which may affect the strength of the bridge. So that they can take precautionary measure while constructing bridge.

Emergency Responders

When tsunami, earthquake occurs in particular area it is very important to spread accurate information like co-ordinates of location, time and severity level, so that they can deliver help to specified time and place without any delay. Also Benefits of Environmental Monitoring are to predict and respond to such events.

Resource Management

Farmers, Foresters, hunters and Fishers can plan their work based on weather i.e. Environmental Monitoring data Such as heavy rainfall, cyclones and tsunami. If they are informed before considerable time then severity of the natural hazard can be lowered. Also farmers can know about their fertility of soil so that they can use required fertilizers to improve yield.


Major Industries need to know about what type of pollutants and in what quantity are emitted from their premises. They should be in national standards, but for that they need environmental monitoring data to take actions to reduce environmental pollution.

Different types of Environmental Monitoring

Benefits of Environmental Monitoring information for Governmental Bodies

Importance of environmental monitoring is not just to provide information to Industries but also Government bodies. Below are some objectives of environmental monitoring for Governmental bodies. Lets see.

Environmental Management Programs

Environmental Management program is actions of plans that are necessary to achieve environmental targets and objectives and it cannot be achieved without environmental monitoring. A successful environmental management program can be started assessing current environmental health before starting.

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Allocation of Population

With the help of population monitoring data government can take decision for population management. If a particular city is having high density of population and they are facing problems in water supply, electricity and most importantly space/land, then government can take decision to move some of industrial area to low density areas. Also government creates new cities like New Delhi, New Mumbai etc. by taking advantages of environmental monitoring data.

Compliance Evaluation and Environmental regulation

Based on environmental monitoring data they can take decision to evaluate performance of with respect to regulations. If for eg. From 2001 to 2010 Air pollution has increased considerable then government can take decision to restrict limits for that particular location or for national level.


Regulatory Approach Environmental Monitoring Data Collection

Benefits of Environmental Monitoring data are that gives an idea about if the regulations and enforcement are working as anticipated. If the All regulations are followed but quality of environmental is not increasing then government can take action to change regulatory approach.

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Helping Scientific Research

Environmental monitoring is closely related to scientific research. E.g. If environmental Monitoring programme a particular pollutant which can harm wildlife or aquatic life, then government can take action. Also it can trigger research on effects of those pollutant on human, wildlife or aquatic life so that they can create treatment procedures.Benifits of Environmental Monitoring Information

Environmental Monitoring includes Monitoring of air, Water, Soil and lands, plants and animals, ecosystems, Human population. Also it helps to identify environmental stress, understand environmental patterns and evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and programs.

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6 thought on Benefits of Environmental Monitoring

  1. Ray kinney says:

    Monitoring informs the scientific method that is essential to our understanding and inclusion of science into the process of sustainability of societal wellbeing. Monitoring is essential to the process. To the degree we are able to accurately monitor the environment, our abilties to adapt adequately to challenges are increased. Our senses are necessarily restricted, monitoring expands our capabilities to see the many hidden conditions and ongoing processes that are easily seen. monitoring is like the addition of additional ability to sense and understand our surroundings on a more complete level, which increases our ability to survive. Though essential for scientific method and environmental insight, most politicians erroneously see environmental monitoring as being politically and capitalistically subversive. They don’t understand that monitoring actually costs less in the long run than it costs to not do it. The politic is all about short term thinking and shorterm gains, externalizing the costs on to the future (to become someone else’s problem). This attitude is a conceptual error that is causing great environmental harm and societal danger. Science, guided by better monitoring, is essential to guide our thinking and governance into the future if we are to be in time to provide a good future for our great great grandchildren. We must educate politicians that longer term thinking is essential, and that environmental monitoring SAVES us money… far more than it costs us.

  2. The main role of Environmental Monitoring is to examine changes in environmental conditions in areas where dredging is taking place.

  3. I had actually never thought of using environmental monitoring to help the government see if new regulations are actually working. That’s definitely invaluable information, especially since our environment is so important. If governments really need more monitoring data, then it might be in their best interest to offer rebates for companies that are willing to get these services.

  4. It is awesome that environmental monitoring can help predict natural disasters so that there can be properly efficient responses to those affected if a disaster occurs. It could give you peace of mind to know that if you or your loved one lives in an area prone to natural hazards, they can be taken care of an protected. My cousin spent some time in the Philippines doing humanitarian service following the Typhoon in 2013. It could be very help for for the Philippines to be be environmentally monitored so that more people can be protected from natural disasters.

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