Sick Building Syndrome Testing

Sick Building Syndrome Testing

Sick Building Syndrome Testing

Sick Building Syndrome Testing

Sick Building Syndrome is a term used usually to describe situations where building occupants experience health and comfort related effects, which appear to be linked to a time spent in a building. We do Sick building syndrome testing to identify pollutants which affects your indoor air quality and provide solutions to improve air quality.

Perfect Pollucon Services is an expert who monitor your workplace for the causes of sick building syndrome, which benefits you to keep your workforce happy productive and nontoxic.

Have you ever suffered from sudden headache, nausea, dry cough or itchy skin which somehow seemed to correlate with time spent in a particular building (indoor environment).

Noticed how you got relieved from these soon after leaving the building?

If yes, then there is a possibility you might be suffering from sick building syndrome.

Sick Building syndrome - Perfect Pollucon Services

What is Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and its symptoms?

The symptoms experienced usually disappear in hours, or in some days after the occupant is away from that enclosed environment.

Sick Building syndrome Symptoms - Perfect Pollucon Services

Some of the symptoms usually experienced are;

  • Eye, Nose or throat irritation (Mucous membrane irritations)
  • Cold, flu like symptoms (Fever, chills)
  • Increased incidence of asthma attacks
  • Unpleasant odour and taste sensation
  • Headache
  • Breathlessness, congestion
  • Nausea, Dizziness
  • Itchy skin, rashes, itchy and watery eyes
  • Fatigue, Body aches
  • Psychological effects: Impaired task performance, depression, mental sickness, difficulty in concentration, forgetfulness, irritability

These experiences/symptoms disappear when complainant is away from that enclosed environment. However, if anyone of you would be experiencing these symptoms, then continue reading to know how to identify, control and eliminate the major contributors to Sick Building Syndrome.

Causes of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

There are many factors that could cause Sick Building Syndrome. Commonly cited causes are;

  • Poor air quality
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Chemical contaminants like VOCs, SOX, NOX, CO, Ozone, CO2, etc
  • Biological contaminants like viruses, mold, fungi, bacteria, dust mites, insects
  • Animal droppings
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Pesticides
  • High or low moisture content
  • Building materials
  • Noisy work environment
  • Dust
  • Illuminance, Rooms with poor lighting

Given the variety of factors that can cause SBS, it is difficult to pinpoint one cause. But, we can always diagnose our symptoms by recording when and where they start and when they go away. Also try to be more specific about the symptoms while recording.

If you are still not able to identify a cause, you can take help of Air Quality Testing Professionals. They would undergo indoor air quality tests to identify causes for sick building syndrome. Some of the tests carried under indoor air quality testing are for Carbon dioxide, Formaldehyde, VOCs, Mold spores, dust mites, wind flow, air ventilation rate, etc. You can contact Perfect Pollucon Services for Sick Building Syndrome testing Services.

Learn more about Ventilation Survey Report and Ventilation Survey Procedure.

Diagnosing our symptoms may be of assistance while preventing and treating SBS.

Sick Building Syndrome prevention

Prevention is the best treatment of any disease. And the best way to prevent Sick Building Syndrome is to reduce exposure to the causes of our symptoms.

Some simple steps to prevent Sick Building syndrome;

  • Increase ventilation and air distribution rate
  • Regularly clean wet or damp areas
  • Regularly vacuum or clean to remove dust
  • Install air purifiers or air cleaners
  • Grow indoor plants
  • Use paints with low VOC ratings
  • Choose building materials and furniture that release less or no harmful chemicals
  • Use cleaning products with low fumes and no fragrances
  • Get a test for possible indoor mold or fungus
  • Regularly clean light bulbs and replace them.
  • Maintain 40 – 70 % humidity level

Learn more about VOC Testing Methods & Procedures

Isn’t this simple? You just have to follow some simple steps to eliminate chances of Sick Building syndrome.

Sick Building Syndrome Testing

Perfect Pollucon Services offers services for ambient and indoor Air quality monitoring and testing services at homes and offices.

Sick Building syndrome Testing - Perfect Pollucon ServicesFor more information contact our experts for Air quality testing for residential and industrial area to avoid sick building syndrome at your place.




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