Mold Testing for Homes

Mold Testing for Homes

Mold Testing for Homes

Mold Testing for Homes and offices, inspection & detection of Mold Services are offered by Perfect Pollucon Services. We carry out Mold spore tests such as indoor air quality testing & house surface sampling, professional Mold testing to identify the causes of Molds and solutions to remove them permanently.

Ever experienced black spots on walls and floors; or the green fuzzy thing on food items? If yes, I am sure you wondered what they are and how they are formed.

These spots and green fuzzy thing are nothing but Mold.

What is Mold and How Is It Formed?

Mold is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular thread like structures called hyphae. It reproduces by means of tiny spores.

For the growth of mold, it seeks

  • Moisture
  • Warmth
  • Food

Once the spore lands on moist surface, it may begin growing.

Mold is found in damp building materials, where it often appears like stains and comes in a variety of colours. A musky smell is an indication of microbial growth even when there is no visible growth.

Mold in home and office - Perfect Pollucon Services

Some common activities create a perfect environment for the growth of mold indoors and few of these activities are;

  • Washing
  • Cooking
  • Seepage in walls
  • Leakage from taps
  • Poor ventilation
  • High humidity

Molds are found everywhere and mold spores are a common component of household and workplace dust. However, mold spores when present in large quantity pose a threat to human health.

Health Effects of Mold

We might not be aware of the reason behind our allergic reactions or eye irritation, but one of the reasons behind these could be due to mold.


Mold Allergy Symptoms

Yes. Mold exposures can result into allergic reactions, aggravated asthma, cough, chest or sinus congestion, runny nose, eye irritations and sick building syndrome.

Not sure if the allergic reactions you are suffering from are due to mold. Then you can find it out by performing mold tests.

Sampling and Testing of Molds

Mold sampling and testing helps you to find if you have mold in your home or workplace and also helps to find mold which is not visible to naked eye. Testing of mold gives an idea about the species and amount of mold present at home or office and where it is growing. Sampling of amount of mold spores aids in measuring indoor air quality For Residential.

Professional Mold Testing - Perfect Pollucon Services

Mold Testing Techniques

Mold sampling and testing or inspection can be carried out by taking help of professional or you can do it yourself as well. Some of the methods for mold testing for homes and offices are;

  • Professional mold testing
  • Mold test kits
  • Multiple mold tests

Mold sampling- Perfect Pollucon Services

Professional Mold testing: Professional can be hired to sample, analyse or inspect the molds present at your home or office.

Mold Test Kits: Mold test kits can be used if you want to check the presence of molds at your home or office by yourself. The collected samples then can be sent to laboratories for identification and enumeration of mold species if present.

Multiple Mold Tests: In multiple mold tests samples are collected from air and surface and these are sub-cultured further for identification and enumeration of mold species.

But, by now you all would have started wondering what all should be done once presence of mold is confirmed. Haven’t you all?

So, no need to wonder anymore. Just follow some of these tips to combat mold in your home or office.

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Mold Control Measures

Controlling growth of mold or eliminating its presence can be achieved by following any of the control measures.

  • Cutting down the basic requirement for growth – Moisture

Sometimes it may get difficult to get rid of mold and its spores from our home or office, but as it requires moisture to thrive, we can reduce moisture. Reducing moisture content/humidity in our home or office is the best way to control or eliminate mold.

Moisture content can be maintained by using dehumidifiers, air conditioners, indoor plants which helps balance humidity.

  • Repair

Fixing leakage, seepage and running taps helps to remove additional moisture. Thus helps us to eliminate mold growth.

  • Ventilation

Proper circulation of air between rooms helps control humidity and brings in fresh air, it thus helps eliminate chances of mold growth and increases indoor air quality. YOu can also refer to Our Ventilation Survey procedure.

  • Cleanliness

Having a clean indoor environment reduces the chances of mold growth.

Mold Testing Company

Perfect Pollucon Services offers services in professional Mold sampling and testing services for homes and offices. It helps to understand the causes for molds and possible measures to remove them.

Mold is present everywhere. Almost every home gets mold.

But Remember!

The trick is to get them before they grow and harm us and our home.




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