Environmental Consultancy firm : What it takes to Be one?

Environmental Consultancy firm : What it takes to Be one?

Environmental Consultancy firm : What it takes to Be one?

What is Environmental Consultancy

As we know Pollution is becoming a serious issue nowadays. Some people come forward to make career in helping industries reduce their emissions to reduce environmental pollution. They are called as Environmental consultancy firms. Let’s find out what are their key responsibilities.

Environmental consultancy firms offer assessment and consultancy services to their clients related to environmental issues. In this role they play major role in impact assessment for Industrial, Governmental and Commercial sites or projects.

Learn here about Environmental Quality Monitoring.

Environmental consultancy firms evaluate environmental policies, Equipments and manufacturing processes. The prepare Environmental Audit and Environmental Impact Assessment after measuring indoor or ambient pollution monitoring in client’s or upcoming projects Premises.  Environmental Consultancy firms always analyse main aspects of business and try to make businesses environment friendly.environmental consultancy

 Responsibilities of Environmental Consultancies

Their key responsibility is to suggest changes in existing manufacturing Equipments (or parts) or processes for their clients which will generate less pollutants and increase efficiency.

While doing their duties as Environmental Consultancy firms they put efforts in covering below mentioned points as well.

  • Air Monitoring
  • Soil and Water Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Audit Statement
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental Management System
  • Environmental legal issues

While doing this they work closely with environmental Health and Safety Officers. Know more about roles and responsibilities of EHS officers.

Activities of Environmental Consultancies

Environmental consultant’s day to day activities include identifying whether soil, water and air are contaminated along with assessment study.

  • Normal activities like sampling, sample storing, testing and analysing collected samples in laboratory.
  • Conducting field or site surveys to collect data for interpretation
  • Writing report or environmental Impact assessment report in such a way so that non-technical people/staff also can understand it
  • Conducting Environmental Impact assessment Study or surveys for government or non-government to know contamination status for site which can be purchased or used for new projects.
  • Historical data collection and Researching to know about site’s contamination
  • Advising client on other issues like water conservation, water recycling, minimizing air pollutants and employee health safety in workplace.
  • Creating environmental awareness among clients
  • Identifying the potential contamination processes or sources which can have adverse impact on Environment and take action to reduce it

Perfect Pollucon Services is a Mumbai Based Environmental Consultancy firm offers Environmental Services in India.

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